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Fernie, BC

10 Rock Quarry

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Introducing Kishenana Mine, in southwest British Columbia. This outside, rock quarry is located along regular forest service roads and takes approximately 3 hours to reach from downtown Fernie, BC.

  • You are bidding on the mineral rights to a 190.50 hectare site of which there are 4 designated extraction areas, all close together near Kishenena Creek.
  • There is one blue gray slate quarry, allowing easy extraction of 1-2 inch thick pieces, which is preferred by landscape supply stores. You may extract 1,600 tonnes per year.
  • The second quarry is a river rock resource which is in the ground. The rock can be extracted but must be washed due to soil mix, this is a less likely resource but landscape supply stores have advised that if the rock /gravel pieces could be larger than usual, they would be interested. It has not yet been mined, you would need to wash and screen it. Maximum extraction allowed is 2,000 tonnes per year.
  • The campsite, located near the river rock has a trailer that sleeps four and is included in the sale price. Approximate value of the trailer is $8,000. The excavator on site is available for purchase , if needed, at a price of $30,000. Buyer will need a forklift to move the rocks onto palettes. The transport truck (b train) can easily access site for pickup. You will need a banding machine to wrap the palettes and a scale. Also recommended is to wrap them.
  • The red rock is broken into two extraction sites, due to Kishenana Creek running between. A bridge easily allows you to access both. The red rock is actually argillite and is a very large deposit, as is the slate deposit. The argillite is QUITE desirable to landscape supply stores, there is nothing like it in BC. You may extract 2,000 tonnes from each site for a total of 4,000 tonnes per year. You are also advised to remove in 1-2 inch think pieces, approx. 4 foot square for ready use by landscape suppliers. The argillite has a very unique pattern and comes in also a green, the variety of colours is also attractive to buyers due to the uniqueness.
  • Due to weather, you will have from mid June to mid September to do your work at the mine. Landscape suppliers prefer to buy earlier in the year so important to have your buyers lined up. There is no cell coverage, you will need a satellite phone for the crew. For efficiency crew size would be 3-5 people.
  • Lease cost is $3800 per year, plus $250 mine inspection fee. The lease expires on March 22, 2032 and can be renewed, if government allows. The permit is $1500 per year and is renewed every 5 years. It is currently under renewal application and awaiting approval.
  • Seller and engineer can be available for paid consultation if you are new to the business, they have reached age where they no longer want to manage. This is a great opportunity to get into this industry with a product in demand.
  • Call Jason Upton with any questions at 604 657 1111

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Real Estate Unreserved Timed Real Estate Auction for Flathead Valley Landscape Rocks Inc. – Fernie, BC, Aug 6, 2022

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