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Over 5000 Auctions Sold...    Operating since 1966 (50 years)

Professional Accredits
  • Auctioneer Licenses (Canada)
  • Alberta Auction Market Association Member
  • Auctioneers Association Member in Alberta and British Columbia
  • Auctioneers Association Member in Canada
  • Licensed Livestock Dealers in Alberta
  • Real-Estate Licenses
  • N.A.I.T. Business & Marketing
  • Appraisals, Canadian Certified
  • Applicable Business Licences
Auction Advantages

A well advertised auction ensures the seller that all items sold will bring the highest fair market value at that point in time the final bid has more than anyone else would pay.

An auction puts a time limit on the conversion of chattels (sale items) to cash and allows the seller to move on to the next phase of their life.

In cases where one or more of the beneficiaries of an estate would like to buy, provisions can be made for them to bid at the auction. This is a fair way of establishing the price. Arrangements can be made in advance for their purchases to be deducted from their share of the proceeds.

As with an estate situation, when resolving matrimonial property disputes or dissolving partnerships, special arrangements have sometimes been made to allow one or more of the owners the same right to bid as any member of the public. This allows one of the parties to retain ownership provided they are willing to pay one bid more than anyone else and to comply with the same terms as any other buyer.

With rural auctions the sellers often have one or more parties who would like to buy. The auction lets the buyers decide who the new owner will be. This alleviates the Seller "picking" who gets it.

The Auction solves the problem of setting an “asking price”: With regular listings if the price is too high the property will not sell. If it is too low it may sell to quickly but the seller does not receive what they should. The “asking price” problem is even more complicated if one of the potential buyers is a friend or neighbor.

Some examples of situations best suited to sell by auction are:

  • Real Estate Liquidations
  • Agriculture Dispersals
  • Estate liquidations
  • Retirement Sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcies
  • Dissolving Partnerships
  • Matrimonial Property
  • Relocations
  • Debt Reduction
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Livestock Dispersals
Services Offered by Team Auctions
  1. A minimum guarantee, cash advance or outright purchase are available.
  2. Analyze location, demographics, property and logistics of auction, recommend advertising campaign.
  3. Create design, place and follow up on all advertising recommended by Team Auctions Ltd. and agreed to by seller.
  4. Contact all customers in Team Auctions database.
  5. Inventory and produce a full listing and description of all items to be sold.
  6. Layout area plan for auction day line up of all items to be sold.
  7. Provide support in days leading up to sale in terms of lining up equipment, sorting of livestock and other recommendations. (Complete setup also available)
  8. Order all sale site facilities including toilets, catering, parking signs, mobile office, mobile sound truck, etc.
  9. Provide all staffing to register buyers, conduct auction, build catalogues, collections and to provide any information needed.
  10. Finance all auction sale expenses leading up to sale day.
  11. Do all title searches necessary. Pay out any leins as directed by seller.
  12. Look after all collections of monies and maintain all funds in a trust account.
  13. Control the balancing, deductions and payout of auction within a period of ten days after the sale date.
  14. Provide seller with final report.

* Other services can be provided in accordance with the needs of seller.


Team Auctions Ltd. custom designs and budgets your advertising campaign to bring the maximum amount of buyers to your sale.


  • Market analysis of the location and property being auctioned and target the according buyers.
  • Setup and create and design an advertising campaign including deadlines, target demographics, circulation, listenership and schedules.
  • Implement advertising campaign.
  • Advertising will include a combination of the following:
    Flyers (Over 100,000 flyers across Western Canada!)
    Newspaper Ads Local/National
    Web Presence (Team Auctions website, Kijiji, Global Auctions, Facebook, Twitter)
    Faxes/Mass E-mail
    Public Address Announcements
    Direct Marketing

Note: Team Auctions has won various awards including web design and advertising excellence!

If you are looking for an Auctioneer, stop looking, as you have found the best in Alberta! We are writing to express our appreciation for the amazing service the Sekura Auction team provided us prior to, during sale day and after our farm auction sale, on May 6, 2015 in Thorhild, Alberta. During our 35 years of farming, we accumulated a great deal of farm equipment and trailers full of life long treasures. The “Sekura Team” were very courteous and most importantly respectful of all our belongings. The positive attitudes, professionalism and organizational skills of the Sekura team helped make our life changing decision possible.
Cory Sekura has a natural ability to read the crowd and to guide the auction along to get the best results. It snowed all day during our auction sale and the Sekura team kept the crowd moving and the results from the auction sale far exceeded our expectations! We would highly recommend Sekura Auction services and his team to handle all your auction needs.
We cannot thank Cory Sekura enough for his service and specialized care that he provided to ensure the highest standard of excellence during a very emotional transition of our lives. God bless you all!

Dennis & Corinne Brown

Thank you Team Auctions. From the first discussion of my farm sale to settlement day, excellent advertising, machinery knowledge with set up and display, every thing went well. Sale day far exceeded my expectations as to financial results achieved in a timely fashion. From start day to settlement day thank you Corey and your team of professionals. All the best to you all in the future.

Trevor Leach

I would like to thank David Froese and his team for a great auction experience. We decided to sell off our lawn maintenance company, and had our auction on May 14. This was my first experience at using an auction, and I must say it was a very good experience. From our first meeting, David was always very professional, polite, and open in all our dealings. He explained everything very well and always was one or two steps ahead of the process. There were no surprises and no last minute rushing. The advertising was very effective and his team during auction day were top notch ! In short, we had a successful auction thanks to David and Team Auctions, and I would gladly give their name to anyone who is considering the auction route.

Marc Beland

GATORS Lawn Care
High Level, AB

Just wanted to let you folks know how pleased I am with the way you conducted my machinery auction sale east of Burns Lake on June 25, 2016.
Even though I was not in attendance for the actual sale I did watch it on the internet and I also know how everyone worked so hard to "set up the scene!"
Everyone I have talked to were very impressed with how it went.
The advertising was second to none, if people didn't know about the sale....well, it was NOT from lack of "getting the word out there!" Also, thank you for cleaning up the field before leaving!
I also like the way that every item sold was described, if there was something wrong with it the auctioneer told everyone.....that way the people bidding over the internet knew exactly what they were bidding on. No hidden surprises because "SEKURA AUCTION LTD." is a very reputable company and I will recommend you to anyone & everyone!

Best regards:

Audrey Read
Diamond X Ranch Ltd.

We, the Gerbrandt Family, would like to thank David Froese and his staff for the professional help before and during sale day. Also the sorting of goods and lotting the items made for a great successful auction. We feel that without the help leading up to sale day we would have not been able to get ready in time. On a second note, the advertising was greatly done and we had people from all over bidding in person and online. Thank you TEAM for a wonderful Auction service you provided.

Bernhard & Helen Gerbrandt

La Crete Alberta

Thank you very much to David for helping us out with our Festival of Trees fundraiser. We raised more money that we had anticipated and it will help the facilities in our region.

Even with uncooperative weather on our sale day, Team Auctions had the buyers on location and online needed to make our sale a success. A professional auction experience was provided from signing to settlement. Thank You Team Auctions.

Odell & Lillian Raymond