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Why sell your Real Estate by auction with Team Auctions?


PRICE – The problem of setting an “asking price” is gone. At the close of a professionally promoted and conducted real estate auction, you will know that - “No one was willing to pay one bid higher than the price received”. There is no better way to determine the highest fair market value.

TERMS – All the terms regarding amount of deposit, goods included, closing date, crop allocation, and surface lease revenue are set by you, the seller. You control everything except the price, “no subject to’s”.

TIME – An unreserved real estate auction puts a time limit on the negotiations. You know exactly when the money will be in your bank account so you can begin planning your future.

ADVERTISING – Team Auctions can aggressively market and advertise your property more so than other methods because it sells for sure on a set date. Advertising includes; Mass flyer mailouts, Internet/web site, Radio, Prominent signage, Local and National newspaper publications, Public broadcasts

COMPETITION – Buyers coming to the sale have already been pre-qualified for the purchase of real estate, and have also already taken mental ownership. Once the bidding starts they already know what they are able to spend and are not willing to “lose” the property over one bid. Buyers know the property is selling that day and there are no “counter offers” to be made tomorrow.

MULTIPLE OWNERS – When settling an estate this is a fair way to establish a price if any of the beneficiaries would like to bid on the property. Arrangements can be made for their purchases to be deducted from their share of proceeds. The same process applies when dissolving a partnership.

AVOIDING CONFLICT – With rural land, the seller often has several neighbors who would like to buy. The owner does not want to choose which one to sell to and offend the others. The unreserved auction lets the buyers decide whose name is going on the title.

SECURITY – Guaranteed minimum price protection is available.


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