Unreserved Timed Miscellaneous Auction    22KD


List Grid Name ID Date Lot
14 Ft Fiberglass Boat W/Motor

4 Photos 22KD02024-003

Taber, AB

1437 14 Ft Fiberglass Boat W/Motor

GameFisher 7.5 HP Motor, Fuel Tank, Paddles

Berco 40 Inch Atv Snow Blade

3 Photos 22KD02034-008

Taber, AB

1443 Berco 40 Inch Atv Snow Blade

(4) Boat Propellers

1 Photos 22KD02008-009

Taber, AB

1436 (4) Boat Propellers

Hockey Equipment W/Bag

2 Photos 22KD02026-011

Taber, AB

1438 Hockey Equipment W/Bag

Knee Board

1 Photos 22KD02008-006

Taber, AB

1434 Knee Board

Pedal Bike W/Cart

1 Photos 22KD02078-004

Taber, AB

1450 Pedal Bike W/Cart

Boating Tube

1 Photos 22KD10001-156

Taber, AB

1461 Boating Tube

Century Punching Bag

2 Photos 22KD02034-004

Taber, AB

1442 Century Punching Bag

Kids Snow Board

1 Photos 22KD02008-007

Taber, AB

1435 Kids Snow Board

Qty of Sleds

1 Photos 22KD10001-155

Taber, AB

1460 Qty of Sleds

Snow Board Bindings

1 Photos 22KD02004-011

Taber, AB

1433 Snow Board Bindings

Street Hockey Equipment W/Bags

2 Photos 22KD02026-012

Taber, AB

1439 Street Hockey Equipment W/Bags

UFC Punching Bag

2 Photos 22KD02034-003

Taber, AB

1441 UFC Punching Bag

World Cup Water Ski

2 Photos 22KD02124-001

Taber, AB

1457 World Cup Water Ski

Bicycle Car Seat

2 Photos 22KD02033-005

Taber, AB

1440 Bicycle Car Seat

(4) Solar Water Heater & Thermoss

2 Photos 22KD02067-022

Taber, AB

1446 (4) Solar Water Heater & Thermos's

Axial R/C Car w/ Parts

3 Photos 22KD02039-005

Taber, AB

1444 Axial R/C Car w/ Parts


1 Photos 22KD02081-005

Taber, AB

1452 Bicycle


1 Photos 22KD02081-006

Taber, AB

1453 Bicycle

Kids Basketball Hoop

1 Photos 22KD02078-005

Taber, AB

1451 Kids Basketball Hoop

Portable Barbeque

1 Photos 22KD02003-004

Taber, AB

1432 Portable Barbeque

Golf Clubs W/Carts

1 Photos 22KD10001-132

Taber, AB

1459 Golf Clubs W/Carts


1 Photos 22KD02081-008

Taber, AB

1455 Tricycle

Plastic Tricycle

1 Photos 22KD10001-112

Taber, AB

1458 Plastic Tricycle

Push Car

2 Photos 22KD02081-010

Taber, AB

1456 Push Car


2 Photos 22KD02067-124

Taber, AB

1447 Tetherball

Water Guns

2 Photos 22KD02067-268

Taber, AB

1448 Water Guns

Water Guns

2 Photos 22KD02067-269

Taber, AB

1449 Water Guns

Water Wings w/ Tube

2 Photos 22KD02081-007

Taber, AB

1454 Water Wings w/ Tube

(2) Bicycles

2 Photos 22KD02024-004

Taber, AB

1431A (2) Bicycles

(3) Bicycles

1 Photos 22KD10001-248

Taber, AB

1433A (3) Bicycles

9 Ft Aluminium Sled Deck

4 Photos 22KD02053-004

Taber, AB

1445 9 Ft Aluminium Sled Deck

90 inch wide

Basketball Hoop

2 Photos 22KD02088-001

Taber, AB

1432A Basketball Hoop

Chair W/ Extension Cord

2 Photos 22KD10001-277

Taber, AB

1434A Chair W/ Extension Cord

Golf Clubs

1 Photos 22KD02002-010

Taber, AB

1431 Golf Clubs

Moose Fat Tire Bicycle

2 Photos 22KD10001-289

Taber, AB

1435A Moose Fat Tire Bicycle

Categories: Unreserved Timed Miscellaneous Auction - Nov 26, 2022