Unreserved Bred Cow & Heifer Auction for Bar WK Ranch, Warren & Kim Bryanton    19S

Date / Time:12 PM Saturday, October 26, 2019
Location:Crescent Spur (McBride, BC)
Auction Contacts:
Office (Drayton Valley)780-542-4337
Corey Sekura780-898-5600
Warren or Kim250-553-2355

Warren and Kim have had and raised cattle since they were kids. The Bryanton's purchased this beautiful 2000 acre ranch, took their farming, feedlot, cattle management experience and built in my opinion one of the premier Red Angus/Simmental cross cow herds around. In 2008 a foundation Red Angus closed herd was the start of this group of bred cows and heifers. A strong Fleckvieh Simmental influence was introduced and heifers were kept every year, with a Hereford influence added the last 2 years. The Bryanton's keep a strict program culling heavily for performance, soundness and temperment. Full herd health program has always been followed, adding ScourGuard this year for any buyer on that program. All bulls were put in on June 23rd, 2019 for April 1st calving and wer pulled August 27th, 2019. All cows and heifers will be preg tested and verified in calf for April 1st calving start date.
(214 head) Bar WK Ranch Cows
Closed herd for 13 years (2008)
VBP (Verified Beef Program)
All shots on a regular basis and extra shots added this year for buyers two weeks ago
   Tasvax (8-Way)
   Triangle 5
   One Shot Scour Guard (Manaheimia Haemolytica Bactian Taxoid)
   IBR (Bovine Rotavirus Coranavirus)
All cows ultrasound preg tested and verified in calf by Vet Tom Vogel
Apirl 1st calving, bulls put in June 23rd and pulled Aug 27th (65 days)
RFID & ID ear tags
All cows have 15-25% Simmental influence with Hereford added the last 2 years
Strict culling program for

Auctioneers Note:
Videos will be available during the webcast for this sale

Internet Bidding Begins at: 12 PM Internet Bidding

Directions: From McBride go 50 kms west on Hwy 16 to Crescent Spur Rd turn off (Loos Road). Then go 15.5 kms north on Loos Road (right hand side). Note: STOP and beware of railway crossing!