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"Barnaby" Fleckvieh / Blonde dAquitaine,

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10 "Barnaby" Fleckvieh / Blonde d'Aquitaine,


My name is Annika Hansen, I'm from Fairview where I live on my family's mixed farm. On the farm I enjoy riding horses and spending time with my steer. I also enjoy playing basketball and skiing. This is my first year in 4-H and I find it has been a good way to learn about responsibilities and animal husbandry. My market steer is a Fleckvieh / Blonde d'Aquitaine, his name is Barnaby. He is a well-balanced young steer, he is still learning to walk nicely on the halter but is making good progress.

"Lucky" Jersey Red Angus Blend

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11 "Lucky" Jersey Red Angus Blend


My name is Ashley Schmaltz and this is my 4th year in 4-h. I enjoy riding sledding and quading in my meantime. My steers name is lucky and he is a jersey red angus blend. He is quite hot headed and sent one of us through the fence while halter breaking.

"Yeehaw" Simmental X Angus

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12 "Yeehaw" Simmental X Angus


My name is Bailee Richardson, and this is my 7th year in 4-H and the 5th Market steer that I raised. Yeehaw is a Simmental X Angus, he was born on April 2, 2020. His weaning weight that fall was 700 lbs. I'm proud to say I purchase grain from a local farmer to roll myself in order to form the perfect ration for my steers. Completing multiple years in the 4-H Beef program has given me the opportunity to experiment with different breed characteristics and feeding techniques, and so I'm happy to have produced each steer with lots of love and countless hours of dedicated time. 4-H has given me the opportunity to look in many directions, and I'm excited about my next venture this fall at Lakeland College where I'm enrolled in the Animal Science Technology: Beef Program.

"Frank the Tank" Herford

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13 "Frank the Tank" Herford


Hi, my name is Bryce Richardson, I have been in 4-H for 5 years. This year I got a Herford to try a new breed of beef. My calf’s name is Frank the Tank. It seemed like Frank took longer to tame down than some of my other calves but once he did he always wants to say hi and enjoys being scratched. My other hobbies are quadding and fishing and working rebuilding my truck.

"Turbo" Limousin

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14 "Turbo" Limousin


Hi. My name is Caleb. I was scared of my calf at first but now I began to know him. His name is Turbo. He loves to be scratched on his head and neck. My first year in 4H is pretty good. He is about 1,300lbs and I feed him about 24lbs a day. Now I’m starting to get a little more comfortable with cows.

“Buck” Simmental Angus

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15 “Buck” Simmental Angus


Hi, I’m Dallas Hale and I’m fourteen years old. This is my fifth year in 4-H, its been a weird year for 4-H but I’m thankful we were still able to make it work. This is my steer Buck, Buck is a Simmental Angus. In case you were wondering why I named him Buck there’s two reasons. First I really like hunting and the second and main reason is cause he’s a bit crazy thats why I call him buck wild. Some of the things I like to do for fun are hunting, dirt biking and ranchin’. You should really buy buck because I can promise you he’ll be the best tasting beef in the North. I’m pretty thankful for all the support this year and the last couple years!

"Junior" Limo/Black Angus Cross

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16 "Junior" Limo/Black Angus Cross


My name is Dustyn Giesbrecht and this is my market steer, Junior. This is my first year in 4H. Junior weighed 640 pounds when we started in November. He's a limo/black angus cross. He likes it when I scratch his neck. He weighed 990 pounds in March.

"Goggles" Simmental

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17 "Goggles" Simmental


Hi my name is Elizabeth Calder. This is my first year in beef 4-H. This is my market steer Goggles. He is a soft soul and will be tender eating. Goggles is shy until he gets to know you. Then he wants lots of attention. Goggles loves to be scratched and brushed. Outside of 4-H my other interests are riding horses, brushing my calves, swimming, dancing and snuggling with my pug dogs.

"Steve" Simmental

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18 "Steve" Simmental


My name is Grayson Hale. I am 9 years old, and this is my first year in 4-H. My calf is black and white, and his name is Steve. Steve likes to lick your hand, and jump around when I bring his grain.

" Vern" Simmental

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19 " Vern" Simmental


My name is Holden Gelech. I live on a farm by Whitelaw, AB. This is my 1st year in 4-H. My Market steers name is Vern. He likes to be brushed and scratched. During my 4-H experience, I have learned that patience and hard work pays off.

"Blaze" Simmental

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20 "Blaze" Simmental


Hi my name is Jaxton, I'm 10 years old and this is my second year in 4-H. My steers name is Blaze, and he's been super nice since the start. I enjoy hockey, basketball, skiing, riding horses and quadding. Last year with my 4-H money I bought my own heifer from my Uncle Dwight, her name is Gal and she is going to calve any day and I'm so excited!

"Brakolio" Blonde dAquataine

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21 "Brakolio" Blonde d'Aquataine


Hi I'm Jylanne! I'm 11 years old and this is my first time in 4-H. I've enjoyed working with my market steer, Brakolio. He is very curious and friendly. His starting weight was 710 lbs. I like to ride horses and go on adventures.

"Bellamy" Red Angus/Shaver

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22 "Bellamy" Red Angus/Shaver


My name is Lexi Schmaltz and this is my 6 year in 4-H. This year I am participating in a market beef project and his name is Bellamy. He is a red angus/shaver. I enjoy many other activities such as riding, sledding, quadding etc. I am super happy to be able to continue our 4-H year especially after COVID-19.

"Buddy" Limousine

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23 "Buddy" Limousine


Hi. My name is Lukas and this is my first year in 4H. The name of my calf is Buddy. He is estimated to be 1030 lbs. The most challenging part of this 4H year was that I am a little scared of cows, but after 2 months of 4H I got more comfortable with my calf and with cows altogether.

“Willie” Simmental

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24 “Willie” Simmental


My name is Mason Hale. I live on a cattle farm in Eureka River and I love working on the ranch. This is my 6th year raising a market steer. Over my 6 years doing this I’m getting it down to a fine art to make sure you're satisfied with the quality beef, so you won’t wanna miss the sale. These past 2 years have been very different and I’m thankful for all the support from sponsors and buyers. Some things I enjoy are hunting, fishing, dirt biking, sledding and cowboying

"Appa" Speckled Park

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25 "Appa" Speckled Park


Hello, My name is Riley Mohr. I am 11 years old and this is my second year in 4H. I have a Speckle Park steer named Appa. I have enjoyed learning about my steer and taking care of him. My interests are snowmobiling, dirt biking, video games and other outside activities.

“Waylon” Simmental

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26 “Waylon” Simmental


Hi, My name is Tanner Hale and I’m 18 years old and this is my 8th year in 4-H. I’m a 5th generation rancher and it’s definitely in my blood. I live on a Simmental x Angus ranch. I picked my steer “Waylon” out of our herd this year and I'm very happy with his gains and he has very good confirmation! Some things I enjoy are ranching, breaking colts, team roping and hanging with my buddies. It’s been a wild ride these last two years and I would like to thank all our buyers, sponsors and volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you all!

"Yeller" Simmental/Angus

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27 "Yeller" Simmental/Angus


Hi, my name is Taya Hale. I’m 13 years old and I live in Eureka River on a ranch. This is my 3rd year in 4-h. My hobbies are dirt biking, adventuring, and photography with my friends and ranching. This is yeller and he’s a Simmental Angus. I picked him from our herd. I worked hard this year feeding my calf with home grown grain and silage to get the best finish on him. I really appreciate all the support this year!

"Cash" Speckled Park/Angus

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28 "Cash" Speckled Park/Angus


Hi my name is Thomas Peters. I have been in 4H for two years now, my calf's name is cash. I am aiming for grand or reserved champion this year. Cash should weigh about 1300 lbs by sale day. I would like to thank Mehlsen Energy for purchasing my steer last year.

"Sorin"  Simmental

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29 "Sorin" Simmental


Hello! My name is Tiara, I am 16, and this is my second year in 4H. This year my market steer’s name is Sorin, and his starting weight was 840lbs. Sorin is very energetic and has definitely brought on a number of adventures and interesting times for us. I work in Fairview at the new Dairy Queen, and in my free time I like to paint or do things outside like spend time with my steers or build. In the last year I have done quite a bit of construction work, and have tried to take more time to do things I enjoy like writing or drawing or discovering new music. We hope to see you at the online sale!

"Buster" Speckled Park/Angus

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30 "Buster" Speckled Park/Angus


Hi my name is Tobias Peters and I have been in 4H for 2 years. My calf's name is Buster. At this point I can lead him well. My goal is to have a tame, gentle and well finished calf. I estimate that he will be around 1,050 lbs at show day. I would like to thank HKP Trucking for purchasing my steer last year.

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