Real Estate and Equipment Consignment Auction    18L

Date / Time:10 AM Thursday, June 14, 2018
Location:Fairview, AB
Municipal Address:9705 102 Ave
Auction Contacts:
Isaac Peters780-834-7072
Moores Agri-Trade Ltd.

12 PM Internet Bidding

Auctioneer's Note:
We are happy to announce the opening of our new yard located on 9705 102ave Fairview AB, and looking forward to serving the North Peace with a central auction yard site for many years to come.

This property sells @ 12 PM.  Please note: This property also sells in conjunction with Fairview Consignment Auction.

Note: Buyers must pre-register with Moores Agri-Trade Ltd. before bidding on property.
Call Moores Agri-Trade Ltd. @ 780-388-3759

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Directions to Auction Site: Sale will be TEAM Auction Sale Site 9705 102 Ave Fairview, AB

Moores Agri-Trade Ltd.

Realtor Info:

Moores Agri-Trade Ltd.

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Commercial Lot on Main Street, Grimshaw, AB

W1: 5208 - 50 St, Grimshaw, AB Plan 471EO Block 5 Lot 3

The Town of Grimshaw, in northwestern Alberta’s Peace County is Mile O of the Mackenzie Highway (Hwy35).

It is recommended that bidders contact the town of Grimshaw regarding their development plans for the lot(s) to ensure that their plans are allowed. Town of Grimshaw - (780) 332-4626

Image W1: 5208 - 50 St, Grimshaw, AB Plan 471EO Block 5 Lot 3Image W1: 5208 - 50 St, Grimshaw, AB Plan 471EO Block 5 Lot 3

Terms & Conditions

  1. UNRESERVED: In this auction, the seller has agreed to accept the highest bid regardless of price. Properties will sell to the highest bidder without minimum or reserve.
  2. AGENT OF THE SELLER: Moores Agri-Trade Ltd. (Real Estate Brokerage) is acting only as agent of the seller and not as agent of the Purchaser. They will provide prospective buyers with all facts known to the agent that will or may affect the marketability or value of the property.
  3. PURCHASE CONTRACT: The Real Estate Purchase Contract that applies to the property is available for inspection prior to the auction. All bidders agree that, should their bid be accepted, they will complete and be bound by the terms of the purchase contract. Note: These contracts will not be subject to any buyer’s conditions.
  4. GST - Purchase Price (Bid price) does not include any applicable GST.
  5. DEPOSIT: Immediately at the close of bidding the successful bidder will make a NON REFUNDABLE deposit payable to Moores Agri-Trade Ltd. (Trust) in the form of a bank draft, money order or other approved payment as follows:
    W1: 5208 - 50 St, Grimshaw, AB Plan 471EO Block 5 Lot 3   $1,500.00
  6. COMPLETION DAY: Title for each parcel will be clear of encumbrances except those which are to remain on the title as shown on the Purchase Contract. Buyer will pay the balance of the purchase price to their lawyer on or before the Completion Day (). Possession will be in accordance with the terms of the Purchase Contract.
  7. NO WARRANTY: The Purchaser shall accept the Property as-is where-is and specifically agrees that neither the Seller, Auctioneer or Realtor makes any representations or warranties of any kind as to the condition or fitness of the Property, environmental or otherwise, or any improvements thereon. All information provided is meant as a guide only. In accepting a buyer registration number each bidder acknowledges receipt of the "Property Information Package" provided. The Purchaser shall have satisfied himself as to the descriptions, location and condition of the property prior to bidding.
  8. RESPONSIBILITIES OF BIDDERS It is the responsibility of all bidders to review all information provided and terms of this auction. If clarification is required, it is the bidder’s responsibility to obtain clarification from Moores Agri-Trade Ltd. prior to bidding.
  9. AUCTIONEER RESERVES THE RIGHT to accept or reject any bid and in all cases of dispute the auctioneer’s decision shall be final. If an auctioneer declares a property "sold" or "closes the bidding" and more than one party immediately claims to hold the high bid the auctioneer may declare who holds the high bid or re-open the bidding for further advances from the parties who held the high bid.
  10. RECORDING: Real estate auctions managed by Team Auctions are recorded. If it is necessary to verify any fact related to the sale a copy of the recording may be provided to the seller or a buyer.
  11. BUYERS FURTHER AGREE to be responsible for all charges to them including deposits on sale day, and subsequent payments as outlined in the Purchase Contract. It is understood that if any payment is not made or if any cheque given to Moores Agri-Trade Ltd. as payment is not honored that the buyer will face civil and/or criminal charges.

In accepting a buyer registration number all buyers agree to be bound by the above terms as well as any other conditions announced by the auctioneer.

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